Camper Trailers Perth

Bringing all the comforts of home into the great outdoors – our Camper Trailers Perth are easy to transport and set-up anywhere you go. We have campers suitable for small travelling groups and larger families, which come with everything you need to make your outback journey complete.

Camper Trailers Easy to Set Up

Our trailers are unique for their expandable design, which allows them to be folded and secured during travel and they’re easy to set up once reaching your destination. Each trailer comes with a Queen sized bed and other utilities, such as:

  • Battery pack
  • LED lighting
  • 85 litre water tank
  • Lockable storage boxes
  • 2 x 4kg gas bottles
  • 2 x 20 litre Jerry can holders
  • 4 foldable chairs
  • Sink
  • 2 burner stoves
  • Optional: Annex with a floor and removable side walls

Our trailers also come with a step ladder for accessing the main bed, along with a privacy screen for the sleeping area. Each window and door is fitted with midge proof netting, which is specially designed to prevent small insects like flies or mosquitoes entering your tent.

Ideal for Off-Road Use

Whether you’re hitting the road on a summer cruise or camping up in the mountains, our trailers are designed to tackle through most difficult surfaces like rocky terrain, sand, mud trails and much more. Each utility and appliance installed onto the trailer is also properly secured and protected from the effects of harsh weather.

Book Your Next Outdoor Adventure with Us

Ideal for family trips, holidays, camping trips and weekend getaways – our Camper Trailers Perth offers convenient accommodation anywhere you go. Start preparing for your next outback adventure and click here to book your trailer now! To talk directly with us, call 0426 485 460 regarding any questions or enquiries you have.