Off Road Campers Perth

When you’re heading into the great outdoors, who knows what weather conditions and terrain you’ll come across? From rocky surfaces, to thick mud tracks and steep hills – you want Off Road Camper Trailers Perth that can handle any surface that comes your way. Our camper trailers are specially designed to power through unpredictable surfaces and severe changes in weather conditions – so you can find the perfect spot to camp wherever you go.

All Terrain Off Road Deluxe Campers

Whether you choose our 3 – 5 sleeper tents, each trailer is fitted with all-terrain tires that delivers superior grip driving through tricky surfaces. With their embedded grooves and low pressure, our tires give you greater control when descending downhill and improved braking performance while navigating through complex terrain types.

Each Off Road Camper Trailer Perth comes with a durable suspension system and shock absorbers, which makes your country drive a smooth and comfortable trip – no matter how rough the terrain becomes!

During your drive, all of your utilities are properly secured and stored into the trailer itself. We have compartment space for gas bottles, power points, LED lights, battery packs and more.

Ideal for Long-Weekends and Family Holidays

Thanks to their ease-of-use and accessibility, our camper trailers give you the freedom to travel and set up accommodation almost anywhere you go. This makes them ideal for weekend getaways, family holidays and extended trips with your mates.

Each trailer comes with most supplies and accessories needed to keep you fed and sheltered during your time away. Simply bring along your selection of food, drink, utensils and entertainment options – and you’ve got a great outdoor adventure waiting for you!

How to Hire from Us

By following our simple online booking process, you can set up your itinerary, choose your desired trailer and rent any additional accessories you need. You can come to our storage locations at East Cannington or James St, Bentley, or we can arrange delivery straight to your premise. Our friendly team will show you everything you need to know about our Off Road Camper Trailers Perth, along with how to set up the tent and use all the equipment.

Our Off Road Camper Trailer Hire Perth services come with a flat rate booking fee and requires an upfront deposit, which is refunded after the trailer has been returned and inspected by us.

Book Your Camper Trailer Today!

To book one of our Off Road Camper Trailers Perth, click here to follow our online booking process or call 0426 485 460 regarding any questions or queries you have. You can also send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll help you prepare for your next getaway!